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United States
Hello fellow deviant. Please don't struggle against the rope too much, I tied it really tight so you wouldn't escape. Anyways, you are now my captive and you will now listen to what I have to say.
I'm Snaily!... or Ember-Kat... or Kelly if you want to call me by my real name. I live in Texas and I'm attending college for a degree in graphic design. I absolutely crave critiques of any kind so please leave a comment it you have time and I'll respond. All of my work on DeviantArt is my hobbyist art, however, I pour as much soul into these pieces as I do with my school work. I also do commissions! Please note me or leave a comment if you are interested. Every dollar you spend will go towards Snaily living and Snaily's life is making art. So go ahead and contact me, I don't bite... much.
Well I guess you made it to the end... I suppose I should let you go now >> But please don't go ;A; I'm lonely...

Tumblr account:

Join me as I do a comic thing


uSolar Phone meme: Tomos by Mystic-Snail
uSolar Phone meme: Tomos

Weh this is a little late but I still wanted to do it :3c Thinking of what kind of phone your character would have and what state it would be in was harder than I thought it would be.
uSolar Quiz: 20 questions
There are no wrong answers so please answer as honestly as possibly!
This is just a personality quiz

- What is your favorite color?
Yellow! No wait, purple! Purple with a splash of yellow! Yeah...

- If you find a wallet on the ground what would you do with it?
Aw man. People leave wallets at the bar ALL THE TIME. You haveta find the owner. If you don't it's totally bad karma! :0

- What is your favorite time of day?
Nighttime! 2am is sooooo awesome! It's so quiet and cold. >o<

- If your friends were being bullied what would you do?
Run and try to get help of course!

- What is your favorite type of music?
I'm pretty chill with anything, but I love, love, LOVE dramatic instrumental music! It's really awesome and makes me want to get on a stage and preform magic tricks!

- Favorite food?
Oh man. This one is hard. My parents use to run a little bakery before my sister was born. So I'm going to say my favorite food is my mum's cake pops! The ones that are yellow with chocolate on top!

- How is your relationship with your family?
Ooooh! I have two sisters! One is older than me, that's Lowri! She's going to be an amazing police woman, she's already protected me from tons of things already! She's sooooo cool! But ... uhm... she's sort of intimidating so don't worry when you meet her, she's actually super nice. Then I have another sister named Eira, who's younger than me. She has a medical problem but she's still way tougher than me and knits amazing things! My favorite scarf was made by her! We live with our parents still (Eira and I, not Lowri) and they are super chill and THE BEST. They use to have a bakery before Eira was born so they know all these recipes and they are all great. When I get famous I'm going to get them a new store! I also have this tough as nails aunt who has 5 children (my cousins!!) tha [character limit reached]      

- What is your favorite genre of show/movie?
Superheros! And romances too! Those are the best.

- Is there anything that is very special to you?
My scarf! And my family! :3c

- Favorite subject in school?
Does lunch count?

- Favorite animal?
I love butterflies so much, ugh! I know it isn't very manly but I love how colourful they are and they look so free and happy.

- When you see trash on the ground what do you do?
Well if it was near me then of course I'd pick it up and throw it out.

- Favorite season?
Winter! It's cold so you can wear cute scarves and sweaters! >o<

- If you saw a young child alone in a busy store what would you do?
Oh wow. Well uhm... I guess I'd stay with them till their parents or like store security showed up! We could play cards till then.

- Do you prefer a night in or a night on the town?
I actually love it when I can have a night in because I'm always having nights out, being a bartender and everything.

- Do you usually start the conversation or do you wait for someone else to start it?
Chatrooms and phones are weird I try to use voice to text but I think my accent is too thick or my phone is too old. So for those I like to wait. But in person I love to meet new people and start conversations with them! You learn so much!

- Do you like meeting new people?
Uh... yes, haha!

- Would you try something new on the menu or stick to what you like?
I don't have a lot of money so when I go out I get things I know I like.

- Is trust automatic or earned?
Automatic I guess, why should I distrust someone who hasn't done me any wrong?

- If you were chosen to protect the world would you?
Uh... honestly if the world was in danger I think I'd try to protect and hide my family before anyone else haha. So yeah I would help, but mainly for them.
uSolar quiz: Tomos
Writing is hard.

Writing as Tomos was an experience
Tomos uSolar App by Mystic-Snail
Tomos uSolar App

Name: Tomos Caerwyn
uSolar username: SparklesNScarves
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6'1"/185.42cm
Birthday: August 27th
Region: North (UK)

Charm: Faerie
Breakage%: 6%
Type: Support
Weapon: Glitter Wand

Flight: Butterfly wings give Tomos the ability to flutter around in the air, although he hasn't had any sort of practice with flying of any kind (hang gliding, airplanes, ect.)  so he's a bit reluctant to even try out his new power due to the fear of falling and not being able to recover.

Glamour: Using his wand, Tomos is able to shower dust over an object or person in order to change it's appearance. This does not change the object's texture, durability, or actual size (think of it like a hologram) and requires Tomos's full concentration to keep up.


Friendly, Excitable, Soft Hearted, Outgoing
Cowardly, Gullible, Can be Read like an Open Book, Emotional

Tomos is generally cheerful and friendly to everyone he meets, being able to drum up excitement over the most mundane of things. He has become a rather decent bartender because of this, however he uses most of his tip money to give to his family, or that sad person down the street, or those people with clipboards, or anyone who asks with a sad enough voice. Despite being outgoing and liking to talk to new people, Tomos hasn't quite grasped that some people might not have the best intentions; he's easily roped in to unsavory situations because someone just 'seemed nice' or raised their voice a bit as Tomos is also rather cowardly and hates fighting and confrontation.  Generally the only way he will stand up for himself is when his family or close friends are being threatened, then he becomes a stuttering mess of lame insults. If you need a friend that will stick with you through thick and thin, Tomos is not the person for you; but if you need someone that will cry with you that someone stole your favorite pen, Tomos will empathize, give you hot coco and go find you the best pen he can to replace the old one.

- Scarves
- Magic Shows/ Practicing Magic
- His Family
- Cooking
- Video and Board games
- Helping Others
- Star Gazing
- Staying up too Late
- Meeting New People
- Bubble Baths

- Dogs
- Heights
- Intimidating People
- Fighting
- Burnt/Under Cooked Food
- People making Sexist/Racist/Rude Jokes
- Waking up Early


Tomos and his family have always been poor, with most of their money going to support Tomos's younger sister who was born with an illness that will effect her for life. However, despite the hand me down clothes and outdated everything, Tomos wouldn't say he's lived a poor life. His love of cooking and helping others came from a young age, learning how to cook to make dinner for his family and being able to genuinely empathetic to others in need.
As a child in grade school, Tomos was always able to make new friends, despite his elder sister's bad reputation of getting into fights. If anyone picked on him then she would be there to back him up, and over the years Tomos has learned to avoid confrontation, not only for his sake but also because he was guilty how often his sister would get in trouble because of him. Despite this, he and his sisters are extremely close, enjoying walking around town or playing sports (Tomos would always lose even though he always trys his best).
When not helping someone or hanging out with friends/family Tomos likes to practice stage magic, One day when he was in middle school he was able to see a small magic show that the school had preformed in the gym and he was hooked ever since. This was something amazing and unreal without having to use your phone! He had never been able to keep up with the latest and coolest devices and technology, but here was something you could do with a deck of cards and some colored scarves that was just as impressive. This, this is what he wanted to do, make people oooh and ahh over fun tricks. Any pocket money Tomos had gotten he spent on magic tricks to show off to anyone who will watch, in hopes to someday be a professional magician. However, magic tricks are expensive and his family is poor so Tomos hasn't exactly had the means to dive deep into his life's dream. This hasn't detoured  the man though, when the pub Tomos was working at offered a bartending position, he jumped for it and held on for dear life. Now he strives to be the best bartender he can so he can someday work where a professional magician would work and then beg them to take him as an apprentice (Las Vegas maybe?). In the meantime, he shows off card tricks to his customers and still lives at home; when he can he likes to go to board game meet ups and also owns a handheld game system with like 3 games he plays to death.

Stephen Caerwyn: Father
Gwenivere Caerwyn: Mother
Lowri Caerwyn: Elder Sister
Eira Caerwyn: Younger Sister

- Tomos's scarf was a present from his little sister
- He is also bisexual
- He has like one good looking outfit
- A dog his elder sister snuck home once bit Tomos, and now he's scared of them
- Always caries a deck of cards with him
- Owns an outdated phone
- Hasn't gone to college or has any plans to really

Contact/Roleplay type:
- Lit or Script is fine with me
-You'd have to excuse my awful spelling ;u; I try to use a spell checker but some things slip through
- I like rping in Chatrooms mainly, if we get a thing going and we are friends then Skype works as well
- Any kind of rps is fine with me, I like to do mundane things the most though (like going to a café and eating breakfast)

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